Patient First Strategy


What matters to you, matters to us.

patient faces

Our goal:

To provide the best possible healthcare experience.
What matters to you and your family drives everything we do.

Every interaction.

Relationships are what truly unite the system, the individuals working within that system, and those seeking care.

We are committed to: making sure patients and families have stronger voices and are fully informed and involved in decisions about their healthcare.

Sample Project:

Every initiative.

Everyone should receive the personalized care experience they want for themselves and those they love.

We are committed to: partnering with patients, families and communities when developing, delivering and improving healthcare services.

Sample Project:

Every investment.

The greatest investment we can make is to empower and support the entire AHS community to act on what matters to patients and families.

We are committed to: investing in people, projects and technologies that strengthen patient and family centred care.

Sample Project: