Pediatric to Adult Transition

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

At the age of 18, our adolescent patients will graduate from pediatric clinics and programs to the adult healthcare system. This will involve attending clinics in other areas of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, or at other community clinics, and being treated by a new team of healthcare professionals. The transition from pediatric care to the adult healthcare system can be especially challenging for youth with chronic conditions and their families.

Many pediatric patients at the Glenrose have had the same care team for many years. With this consistency comes comfort for our patients and families. The transition of care to new specialists and an adult care team may be challenging for some families that have built strong relationships with their pediatric care team. Our goal is to help prepare our patients and their families to transition from pediatric to adult care with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves and continue to access appropriate healthcare services and supports as adults.

Some Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital patients will be able to make their own decisions and manage their own healthcare as adults, while many others will continue to need help from their families and caregivers in these areas when they become adults.

Our clinical teams, including social workers, physicians, and therapists, will be the main points of contact with patients and their families to help them prepare for the transition to adult healthcare. Our teams can provide support, information, and resources to help navigate the changes that occur throughout the teen years leading up to the transfer of care. There is much more to the transition to adulthood than just the transfer of medical care, such as changing social supports, financial and legal supports, education, living arrangements, and lifestyle choices.

Our teams can help you navigate these changes by providing information, tools and resources, including assistance with applications and information on available community supports. Some of the planning to help transition patients successfully to adult care may begin as early as 12 years of age, and we want our patients and families to feel supported through this process. Our teams are committed to helping plan and execute a successful transition so youth with chronic health conditions and their caregivers can confidently manage their health now and in the future.

Education Sessions

Learn about and register for upcoming information sessions for families and caregivers of youth preparing for the transition from pediatrics to adulthood. View Patient & Family Education Event Calendar.

Getting Ready for Adult Healthcare

The Alberta Health Services Well on Your Way: Helping Youth Transition to Adult Healthcare website is a resource to help for patients, parents and caregivers plan for the transition from youth to adult healthcare.