What Matters to You?

It's a Simple Question with the Power to Transform Healthcare

Understanding – Erica & Ben’s Story

This story highlights the importance of making meaningful connections with patients, no matter their age, so they can be an active part of their healthcare journey.

What Matters to You? is a campaign that encourages meaningful conversations between patients and families who receive healthcare, and staff, physicians and volunteers who provide it. It is also about having important conversations about what matters to us during difficult times.

Asking what matters helps healthcare teams to further understand what is important to their patients. Providing care that focuses on the needs of patients and families leads to stronger partnerships, improved treatment and health outcomes, patient safety, and an overall better care experience. But it’s also important to have these conversations with our own families, healthcare teams and colleagues so they know what’s important to us.

AHS adopted the What Matters to You? campaign in 2017, as it was recognized as a new, leading practice in patient and family centred care and aligned with our Patient First commitments. It has evolved significantly since then. What was once a celebratory awareness day in June has now become an integral part of daily practice in many programs and service areas across AHS.

Please join us on June 6, and every other day, to ask What Matters to You?



Email patient.engagement@ahs.ca

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