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Midwifery Services

Midwifery services in Alberta are funded through a ‘Course of Care’ model. This encompasses antepartum care, labour, birth support to women with normal (low-risk) pregnancies and postpartum care to women and infants.

AHS midwifery staff have admitting privileges to many AHS facilities. They work collaboratively with other health providers to support safe and quality care for patients. The supported model of care follows the Canadian Midwifery Model of Care which embraces the principles of continuity of care, informed choice, collaborative care and choice of birth place.

The AHS midwifery staff bylaws and rules define the relationship between AHS and Registered Midwives (RMs). RMs must have admitting privileges in order to provide care within AHS facilities. Patients and their families deserve safe, quality and consistent care. Our bylaws and rules enable us to provide those assurances and support a collaborative relationship between health care providers.

AHS midwifery staff are clinically and administratively supported by the Provincial Midwifery Administrative Office.

  • If you are already a midwife with an AHS appointment and privileges, log into Insite via the external AHS staff page for more resources and information. You will need your AHS user ID and password. If you need help, contact your IT service desk.
  • If you are a registered midwife looking for information on AHS appointments and privileges, contact

AHS works in partnership with the Alberta Association of Midwives and the College of Midwives of Alberta to improve maternity care choices in Alberta.

Looking for midwife job opportunities? Visit the job board of the Alberta Association of Midwives.

  • Proposed Amendments to Midwifery Staff Bylaws