The CASES classroom can seat approximately 25 participants in theatre and 20 in a boardroom style setup. The CASES classroom is equipped with useful technology and resources to host educational events and meetings. The multimedia podium provides connections to: 

  • Ceiling-mounted projector, 
  • Polycom audio conferencing, 
  • Telehealth video conferencing, 
  • Built-in room audio system, 
  • Built-in projection screen, 
  • External laptops, 
  • Remotes for shade and blackout blinds,

The CASES classroom is used to host surgical skills labs for surgical residents and nurses. The classroom is equipped with over 20 laparoscopic trainers, surgical devices & instrumentation, diverse sensorimotor training tasks, arthroscopy simulators, lap mentor simulator and iPad simulators. Our classroom is open to R1-R5 residents with approved clearance 24hrs/day for practice. 


The RRSMRI lab at the University of Alberta hosts our surgical simulation labs and nursing OR orientation labs on a regular basis. The lab provides residents and nurses with current minimally invasive devices, instrumentation and highly knowledgeable staff. The lab plays a key role in the success of our programs for residents and nurses.