Primary Health Care Resource Centre

ChangeMakers Series

Making change is hard, and it takes a lifetime of learning, practice and testing. There are times where we might feel "stuck" and struggle with how to tackle the issues we face. The ChangeMakers series centers on six key themes that deliver learnings which are meaningful, practical, and honours the expertise already within each one of us. Using a conversational style the goal is simply to spark curiosity and allow for 'AHA' moments to surface. Check out our series as we work collaboratively to advance services in the community for enhanced patient care.

01. Engaging with Change

Identify the elements needed to have effective engagement with people for your initiatives and discuss strategies for working through barriers.

02. Relational Dynamics

Relational dynamics are about the people and how they help or hinder improvement projects.

03. Health Ecosystem: Part 01 (An Introduction)

Learn what a health ecosystem is and how the health systems are all interconnected.

04. Health Ecosystem: Part 02 (The Personal Face)

Listen as the health ecosystem comes to life through a parent's journey of her young son's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.

05. Harness the Power of Collectives

In order to have true innovation and social cohesion, we must harness the collective intelligence. This requires thinking differently, not just outside of the box.

06. Special Edition – Patient & Family Centred Care

Listen and learn how caregivers/families alongside primary care physicians play unique roles in all aspects of healthcare planning, quality improvement and safety.

07. Implementation Science

Implementation science is an area of research and practice focused on understanding what change is happening, why, how, in whom and under what conditions – to optimize outcomes. Learn how you can make change using this evidence-informed approach.

08. Quality Improvement Methods & Tools

Planned and unplanned moments can influence the application of quality improvement tools in the work that we do. Using tools and making change requires an openness from the user and a shift in mindset. Knowing when to use which tool is a skillset that is refined over time and helps bring an increased awareness of the situation.

09. Social Innovation Marries Engagement

Social innovations means investing in meeting the needs of the community first and peoples' perspectives. Data on the day-to-day tensions and relationships need to be addressed and unpacked to help tackle the complexity of issues facing the communities. This means, among other things, collectively designing prototypes that might work towards building out a bigger solution.

10. What Matters to You across the Care Continuum

We encourage healthcare providers to consider that ‘function' is an important health outcome. The rehabilitation philosophy and model of care frames efforts to encourage the notion that "rehabilitation is everyone's responsibility" in healthcare.

11. What Matters to You Brought to Life

Partnering with Patient Advisors can truly bring what matters to you into action. Learn about how Patient Advisors and Family Advisory Councils can guide learning and growth for your project.

12. Turning Collaboration into Practice

Bringing in Patient Advisors into your work. How to bring them in and ensuring you're making the best use of them and their time.

13. High River COVID-19 Outbreak Response

When High River, AB had a COVID-19 outbreak in August of 2020, healthcare organizations and community organizations came together to responded quickly. It was a great example of the health ecosystem working in practice and of how we can better integrate Alberta's health system.