Urology Central Intake

Calgary Zone

AHS has partnered with the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology (SAIU) to offer a single point of entry for all new ADULT urology referrals in the Calgary Zone and area. All new referrals now go to Urology Central Intake (UCI) for processing.

UCI is a convenient, one-stop program to connect patients to urologists at the SAIU. UCI will assign patients to the most-appropriate urologist, based on an intake protocol and information provided by the referring physician.

In addition to the launch of the UCI program, the following resources have been established to enhance patient care and to assist physicians in making urology referrals:

The Urology Specialty Access information posted on Specialist LINK (see “Clinical Pathways” tab) allows physicians to view the access pathway for advice, consultations and urgent or emergency care for this specialty. Referring physicians using the Specialist LINK tele-advice service can access a urologist within one hour for guidance on the best course of action for their patient.

The Alberta Referral Directory has been revised to include a UCI listing, and updates to contact information and areas of specialization for each SAIU urologist. The Alberta Referral Pathway for Urology (Calgary) provides referring physicians with information to assist with the referral process, including recommended labs and diagnostic imaging.