Quality & Innovation

Alberta Perinatal Health Program

The Alberta Perinatal Health Program helps to improve the quality of perinatal care in Alberta through studies of perinatal, neonatal and maternal mortality and morbidity; identifying factors contributing to perinatal outcomes; offering recommendations; and promoting evidence based practice.

The Provincial Perinatal Quality Assurance Committee has been established as an AHS Board appointed Quality Assurance Committee as defined by the Alberta Evidence Act (Section 9) to carry out quality assurance activities related to maternal, perinatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality cases in Alberta. These quality assurance activities include evaluating identified patient safety concerns, reviewing reported adverse events and are undertaken with a view to the continual improvement of the quality of health care or services provided. Further goals of this work are to identify and analyze patient safety concerns that can place patients, staff and/or the public at risk of harm and to provide a method of communication of any recommendations arising from the quality assurance activities to an appropriate, accountable individual.

Outcomes of the quality assurance activities include:

  • The identification of preventable factors and system issues
  • Identified gaps in knowledge and practice
  • Recommendations for quality improvements
  • Collection, analysis and reporting of aggregate data on perinatal and maternal mortality
  • Review, revise, and/or develop perinatal forms and audit tools to support/promote optimal practice

Provincial Perinatal Forms

Data collection forms provide the Alberta Perinatal Health Program and Alberta Health surveillance with the data required to monitor outcomes and inform health policy. Access to provincial perinatal forms migrated from Alberta Health to AHS June 1, 2017.

Data CM Online Ordering of Forms

AHS facilities can access the forms through their usual ordering processes:

  • Calgary, Edmonton and North Zone: Data Communications Management (DATA CM)
    • Users must have an Alberta health services email address and will need to provide a cost centre to set up an online account with DATA CM
    • Register at https://dol.datacm.com. Select ‘Create an Order’ to get started with your order. Under the ‘Catalogue’ heading, you can select either ‘All Items’ or ‘Provincial Items’. You will find the Provincial Perinatal forms here.
    • In the ‘SEARCH’ field, you may search either by item number or by description
    • *Note, the resources come in various package sizes. Enter only the number of packages you require, not the number of forms.
    • Allow three to five business days for delivery.
    • Users who already have access to DATA Online but do not have access to the ‘Provincial Items’ catalogue or should you require assistance with the online ordering system or have questions about your order, contact our AHS Help Desk @ DATA Communications Management at 403-207-6631 or email ahscalgary@datacm.com.
  • South Zone: Chinook Reprographics
  • Central Zone: Wetaskiwin Print Services
    • South Zone and Central Zone should always contact their zone print services vendor to confirm how they order specific forms

Contact the Alberta Perinatal Health Program for questions by email aphp.ppqac@ahs.ca. You will receive a response within five business days.

Non-AHS Staff

If you are not a registered user, go to ahshelp@datacm.com to request the online set-up form. A credit card will be required for each online purchase.

Contact the Alberta Perinatal Health Program for questions by email aphp.ppqac@ahs.ca. You will receive a response within two business days.