Department of Rural Medicine - Calgary Zone

The Department of Rural Medicine is a Clinical Department within the Alberta Health Services Calgary Zone medical staff structure.

  • Sections within the Department are based on the geographical groupings of vibrant communities. Banff, Black Diamond, Canmore, Claresholm, Didsbury, High River, Strathmore and Vulcan, plus communities of Airdrie, Cochrane and Okotoks, demonstrate that sustainable, innovative and responsive clinical care can be effectively provided in rural centres
  • Eight rural communities maintain primary care level hospitals. Medical, surgical, and obstetrical, as well as emergency medicine, rehabilitation and psychiatry display the wide range of acute care services across these rural sites
  • Long term care is provided in eleven communities
  • Urgent care services featured in three communities
  • All sections within the Department have a network of family physicians in community practice
  • Population of 200,000+ with primary care clinics in 20 communities, preceptorship of over 90 trainees, 117,000 emergency room visits, 57,000 urgent care visits, 7,400 acute care admissions, 1,600 inpatient surgical procedures, 5,600 day surgeries, 850 deliveries, 570 long term care patients and a 10 bed hospice facility
  • Physicians from the Department actively participate in four highly successful Primary Care Networks

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