Safety Expectations

Respect in the Workplace

Everyone wants to work where they feel safe, healthy and included. At Alberta Health Services, we take your health, safety and wellbeing seriously. Accepting workplace violence is never part of your job.

Speak up, report workplace violence. Help keep each other safe.

What is workplace aggression and violence?

Alberta Health Services defines aggression and violence as incidents where employees, physicians or volunteers are threatened, intimidated or assaulted/abused in their workplace. Some examples include:

  • Swearing and foul language
  • Name calling
  • Discriminatory language
  • Disrespectful or threatening behaviours
  • Spitting, biting, hair pulling
  • Pushing, shoving
  • Scratching, pinching
  • Hitting, kicking
  • Throwing objects
  • Physical or sexual aggression or assault

These behaviours could originate from patients, family members, visitors or coworkers at any level of the organization.

As care providers, we recognize that some patients may act out aggressively when feeling anxious, fearful or experiencing a change in routine–even though most do not deliberately intend to cause harm.  At such times, it’s important to remind ourselves to assess situations taking into consideration our own personal safety.

AHS Staff Resources

Employee Support

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, the Employee and Family Assistance Program is a free and confidential service available to all AHS employees. See Insite for more details.

  • 1-877-273-3134



Accepting Violence: Never Part of the Job

Doesn’t Always Leave a Mark


Get Help

Reach out

Speak with your supervisor or someone you trust at work. The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is available to you and provides confidential 24/7 support at 1-877-273-3134. See Insite for more details.

Important Contacts

  • Health Link: 811
  • Mental Health Helpline: 1-877-303-2642
  • Safe Disclosure Line: 1-800-661-9675
  • Protective Services Communication Centre: 1-888-999-3770

Domestic Violence

  • Family Violence Information Line: call 310-1818 (Provincial)
    • Find Supports and Services: includes services for Indigenous people, financial supports for Albertan's fleeing abuse and Sexual Assault Centres.
  • Inform Alberta 211:  Keyword "domestic violence." Provides Alberta's Province-Wide Service Directory for Domestic Violence Crisis Lines and Support Services.
  • Connect-Family Violence Help Line: Calgary & areas: 403-234-SAFE (7233); or toll-free 1-866-606-7233.
  • Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters: 1-866-331-3933 to speak to a shelter near you. 
    Also for anyone who thinks they are abusive in their relationship and/or male victims who wish to seek information and support.
  • Children’s Services: call 310-0000. 
    Can assist not only with reporting children exposed to domestic violence, but also with child-related issues / discussion with children (i.e., if leaving an abusive relationship / counselling options).
  • Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-387-5437
  • Elder Abuse Resources: Alberta specific Help Lines and Resource Networks for Seniors
    • Protection for Persons in Care Reporting Line: 1-888-357-9339
  • Alberta Police-Based Victim Services: 310-0000 to find a Victim Services office in your community.
Report Violence

Speak up if you experience workplace aggression or violence. Report it. AHS employees should follow these steps:

  1. Perform first aid or seek medical help.
  2. Tell your supervisor immediately.
  3. Report in MySafetyNet (before the end of your shift) – AHS staff can access the secure tool below while outside the AHS network. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited:

If you are an AHS volunteer, student or contractor, report an incident to your supervisor or manager.

Patients, family members and visitors should report all incidents to the Unit Manager or physician.