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Improving Alberta’s Referral Experience

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Alberta Referral Pathways is a provincial project that brings together specialty-specific working groups with members from primary care and specialty care to define what is required on a referral and clarify processes to improve Alberta’s referral experience. The collaboration between both sending and receiving parties of a referral is essential to ensure that the referral guidelines are complete, comprehensive and accessible.

Referral pathways for surgical specialties are being developed as part of the Alberta Surgical Initiative (ASI). As of Sept. 21, 2023, the weblink has been transferred to Alberta’s Pathway Hub. All current and future referral pathways will be listed there.

Referral Pathways through Alberta’s Pathway Hub

Referral pathways can be found on the Alberta's Pathway Hub. See referral, clinical and patient pathways all in one easily assessable site.

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Referral Pathways are now on Alberta’s Pathways Hub. Access referral, clinical and patient pathways.

Alberta's Pathway Hub

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