Information & Privacy

What Does the AHS Information & Privacy Department Do?

AHS Information & Privacy is responsible for:

  • Ensuring AHS complies with legislation relating to the privacy and confidentiality of information that could identify an individual. This includes compliance with the Health Information Act (“HIA”) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIP”).
  • Handing AHS records management issues, other than those patient charts managed by Health Information Management.
  • Training and education, as well as investigation of privacy breaches.
  • Managing and responding to formal requests for access to information or for correction of information under the FOIP.
  • Managing and responding to formal requests for correction of information under the HIA.
  • Prepare and assist programs in preparing privacy impact assessments.
  • Work with researchers regarding access use or disclosure of confidential information
  • Provide advice and consultation services related to the HIA and FOIP.

Privacy Intake Line

If you require assistance with a privacy concern or question or cannot find specific privacy related information, please contact our Privacy Intake Line by E-mail at If email is unavailable you can call us Toll-free at 1-877-476-9874.