Guide to Conduct Hand Hygiene Reviews

Infection Prevention & Control

The Guide To Conduct Hand Hygiene Reviews supports Hand Hygiene Reviewers in performing hand hygiene reviews in a manner that is reliable and consistent with other reviewers across the province.  This guide will also help you understand and apply the 4 Moments for Hand Hygiene in healthcare settings, learn the terms and definitions commonly used in hand hygiene, learn the terms used for the hand hygiene review software platform (Clean Hands System), learn about various healthcare settings which you may encounter during your reviews, practice commonly encountered scenarios that you may see while conducting hand hygiene review.

Appendix B – Departments and Programs

Appendix B of the Guide to Conduct Hand Hygiene Reviews provides supplementary information about various departments and programs to further assist reviewers who are performing reviews in those specific areas.

Each section contains additional information about the healthcare environment, patient environment, examples of the 4 Moments for Hand Hygiene, and common scenarios for each of the departments/programs listed below.

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