Student Education

Laboratory Services, Alberta Precision Laboratories

The clinical laboratory is the cornerstone of the medical world. Approximately 70-80% of medical decisions are based on the results generated from samples processed in the laboratory. The professions found in the laboratory are knowledge intense, dynamic and clinically relevant. These professions include the following:

  • Combined Laboratory/X-ray Technology (CLXT)
    • Routine Chemistry
    • Routine Hematology
  • Cytotechnology (CYTO)
    • Microscopic identification of cell abnormalities
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)
    • Phlebotomy
    • ECG’s
    • Receiving and processing of specimens to make them ready for analysis
    • Urinalysis
  • Medical Laboratory Technology (diploma and degree) (MLT)
    • In-depth knowledge and testing focusing on pre-analytics, analytics and post-analytics in all disciplines of laboratory services except Cytotechnology including the following:
      • Anatomical Pathology
        • Autopsy
        • Gross dissection
        • Histotechnology
        • Immunohistochemistry
      • Chemistry
        • Routine
        • Special
        • Molecular
        • Toxicology
      • Hematology
        • Routine hematology and coagulation
        • Special hematology and coagulation
      • Microbiology
        • Bacteriology
        • Virology
        • Serology
        • Public health
      • Phlebotomy and other specimen collections
        • Blood collections
        • Urine collections
      • Transfusion medicine
        • Routine
        • Complex
  • Pathologist’s Assistant (Masters)
    • Initial examination, including weighing and photographing, and dissection of tissues
    • Prepare bodies for and perform autopsies

Education to enter these fields of laboratory specialization is offered at a number of facilities.Listed below are some of the post-secondary institutes and programs we support for their practical training. Practical training support for other post-secondary laboratory training programs not listed can be provided on a case by case basis. View each program link below for additional information.

Educational Institution










U of A

MLT (MLS degree)
PA (Masters)

U of C

PA (Master's)