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Alberta Precision Labs (APL) Clinical Trials & Research

APL Clinical Trials and Research (CT&R) provides laboratory support for researchers requiring medical laboratory testing and services in Alberta. We support the best outcomes for AHS/ APL patients by providing optimal laboratory services.  

APL Clinical Trials & Research
General inquires including Research requests for data (research RFD’s):

Edmonton Zone / North Contacts
Edmonton Zone Clinical Trials & Research Department
Tel: 780-432-8258

Covenant Health Edmonton Contact
Clinical Trials, Covenant Health Research Centre
Tel: 780-735-2274

Calgary Zone/ South Contacts
Calgary Zone Clinical Trials and Research Department
Tel: 403-944-2123 

Red Deer / Central Contact
Red Deer Regional Hospital
Tel: 403-314-6058 or 403-343-4690

Medicine Hat 
Tel: 403-529-8932

Lethbridge / South Contact
Chinook Regional Hospital, Lethbridge
Tel: 403-388-5266

Provincial Laboratory for Public Health (ProvLab) Contact
Clinical Trials Coordinator
Tel: 780-407-3216