Genetics and Genomics
(formerly Genetic Lab Services)

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Genetics and Genomics (formerly Genetic Lab Services) is a comprehensive program consisting of 8 laboratories within Alberta Health Services. These laboratories offer highly specialized testing for a significant number of genetic conditions.


Biochemical Genetics Laboratory/Newborn Metabolic Screening
Cytogenetics Laboratory
Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory - Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Information Sheets
Molecular Pathology
Genetic Resource Centre - Info & FAQs

The Genetic Resource Centre is committed to coordinating evidence-based access to out of province genetic testing. Our multi-disciplinary team facilitates requests for funding of genetic testing by providing education, application support, clinical review and coordinating approvals that balance patient care and financial stewardship.

Test Request Forms should be downloaded, completed and faxed to the Genetic Resource Centre at 403-955-7624 or emailed to


Genetic Resource Centre - Request Forms

Please be advised that out-of-province laboratory services performed without prior Genetic Resource Centre funding approval are not eligible for reimbursement and it is the responsibility of the ordering health care provider and the testing laboratory to reconcile any additional expenditures.


Laboratory Test Directory and Collection Information
Clinical and Metabolic Genetics Program
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