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For physicians, resident physicians, medical students and their immediate family members.

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As part of Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) Provincial Medical Affairs, the Physician Experience team is focused on providing physician leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to foster wellness, diversity, inclusion, safety and positive interactions between physicians, their colleagues, AHS staff, patients and patient families. 

Our work is divided into two streams:

  1. Diversity, Wellness and Development
  2. Physician Issues and Concerns

Our mission is to foster a workplace culture that:

  • Models our organizational values and just culture principles
  • Enhances the delivery of safe, quality care
  • Values diversity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging
  • Celebrates and amplifies individual strengths
  • Promotes wellness
  • Recognizes sources of trauma in healthcare and its impacts
  • Provides compassionate leadership to those impacted by trauma
  • Supports strength-based leadership development
  • Supports workplace safety including psychological safety
  • Fosters positive interactions between physicians, AHS staff members, patients and their families

In addition, AHS continues to address issues of inequity and discrimination when they arise, working to improve the experience of our physicians and medical leaders.

MD Culture Shift Newsletter

The MD Culture Shift newsletter is an AHS publication created by physicians for physicians through the Physician Diversity, Wellness and Development portfolio. This publication shares insightful and valuable information in the areas of wellness, diversity and leadership development and showcases the great work being done throughout the province supporting a positive shift in the culture of medicine.


Diversity and Inclusion

Respectful Workplaces

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Workplace Health and Safety

Wellness Resources



Toolkits and Learning Series



Current Medical Leadership Opportunities

To view available AHS Medical Leadership positions, visit Doctor Jobs Alberta, or contact your Zone Medical Director.

Leadership Development

The organizational culture that frontline physicians experience is their local team culture. Local team culture is largely shaped by the local leader, therefore culture shift strategies focused on leaders are among the most effective. Healthy teams require an environment of psychological safety and sense of belonging for all. Our team recognizes the strong links between leadership, physician wellness, equity and diversity and the quality and safety of the patient care.

View current leadership development opportunities or contact the Physician Diversity, Wellness and Development team at

Trauma-Informed Leadership

Improve physician wellness, it is critical that our leaders recognize the sources of workplace trauma for physicians, take steps to reduce preventable harm, and provide a compassionate, supportive response to those impacted. Trauma-informed leadership is a way to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to understand and mitigate the effects of trauma on their team members.

The Physician Diversity, Wellness & Development team offers Trauma-Informed Leadership Training (TILT) to medical leaders. For more information, please email

Provincial Learning Opportunities

  • Continuing Medical Education – University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine offers a number of learning opportunities in a variety of course formats.
  • Lifelong Learning – University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry offers medical and professional development opportunities.
  • MyLearningLink (AHS credentials required) – AHS’ web-based portal for a variety of learning opportunities for employees and medical staff. Many courses are self-directed and available online at any time. For help with your AHS username/password, contact
  • Quality & Patient Safety Education (AHS credentials required) – Offers a number of courses to support medical staff in learning key quality improvement and patient safety skills.

Questions: For information about available resources for medical leaders, please contact

Issues and Concerns

The Physician Issues and Concerns team works with and supports medical leaders in addressing workplace conflicts involving AHS physicians, such as clinical and/or interpersonal matters (including but not limited to disrespect, harassment, violence, bullying as defined by AHS’s Respectful Workplace policy).

Effective management of workplace concerns and issues in a fair, transparent, and reasonable manner aligns with AHS’s values, contributes to physician wellness, supports diversity, inclusion and anti-racism objectives, and fosters positive culture and psychological safety.

Our work is guided by:

How are issues and concerns addressed?

In considering a complaint or conflict, medical leaders may use various mechanisms:

  • A performance and/or coaching conversation, learning plan, mediated discussion, or other means of resolution;
  • A Bilateral Complaints Review (see below Bilateral Complaints Resolution Process);
  • A Triggered Initial Assessment (TIA) (see Medical Staff Bylaws Part 6); and
  • Other appropriate means as determined by medical leadership.

What is the Bilateral Complaints Resolution Process

The Bilateral Complaints Resolution Process refers to a process used when an issue or concern is raised by a physician against an AHS staff member or by an AHS staff member against a physician.

The term “bilateral” acknowledges that different guidance documents apply to different types of workers. With partnership between Medical Affairs, Human Resources and Medical Leadership, the processes ensure that Type III (Worker to Worker) issues as defined in AHS’s Respectful Workplace Policy are addressed in fair and consistent ways.

The Bilateral Complaints Resolution Process was developed following extensive consultation with stakeholders in 2021/2022, with the goal of standardizing the intake and review processes for complaints to ensure a people-centric approach when addressing workplace concerns that do not meet the threshold for concerns under Part 6 of the Medical Staff Bylaws.

The full report can be viewed here.

How to Report a Concern

If you have a concern to report, there are a few ways you can do this:

  • Report to your medical leader
  • Report to your higher-level medical leader such as Associate Zone Medical Director or Zone Medical Director
  • Report to a Senior Consultant (Concerns Consultant), Physician Issues and Concerns Management
  • Report to Employee Relations:
  • Report to an operational leader (i.e., Unit Manager) for concerns involving an AHS staff member
  • File a report through MySafetyNet (AHS credentials required; not currently available for physicians)
  • For the Department of Pediatrics (Calgary Zone), you can report concerns and feedback using the Reporting Mechanism Form.

Senior Consultants (Concerns Consultant), Physician Issues and Concerns Management

Our team includes Senior Consultants who work closely with medical leaders to navigate workplace issues and concerns. In their role, they collaborate with other teams including AHS Legal, Privacy, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Protective Services and Clinical Operations.

Concerns Consultants are available to medical leaders to discuss immediate and ongoing concerns.