Food Philosophy & Menus

Reminding you of home

Our Philosophy: Meals Matter

Good nutrition contributes to maintaining and restoring health, managing chronic disease and reducing the risk of malnutrition. We do this through providing healthy, nutritious, appealing, great-tasting food.

Our Food

  • Our patients receive meals that are prepared onsite. Just like home, we use a combination of fresh, frozen, and canned products and ingredients to create these meals.
  • Food is purchased from a variety of AHS approved suppliers.
  • About one third of the food we purchase to serve in our facilities is Alberta-grown or produced and we are continually working with vendors to expand this even further.

Our Menus

  • AHS offers a variety of menus to meet the diverse nutritional requirements across all of our facilities. Special diets, allergies, and religious or cultural needs of our patients are considered.
  • Our menus offer patients a variety of familiar, comforting foods.
  • Selective menus allow our patients to choose meals based on their personal preferences.
  • We actively seek feedback from patients and their families about the food we serve. We use this information to make changes to the menu as needed.
  • The Menu Team regularly tests new foods to make sure there is variety on the regular and special events menus.