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Meals Matter

Enjoying a meal

Every day, AHS Patient Food Services provides over 30,000 meals to patients and residents at 106 sites. We are committed to the principles of Meals Matter. Our goal is to enhance the meal experience for all patients of AHS.

Meals Matter Principles

  • Patients should be the focus of all meal service decisions.
  • Mealtimes should be predictable and free of non-essential disruption.
  • Food should be familiar, comforting, and flavourful.
  • Food should be sustaining and nourishing, contributing to wellness.
  • Patients should receive support from all members of the care team to allow optimal and safe meal intake.
  • Patients should have enough time to enjoy a meal with guests if desired.
  • A home-like setting should be prioritized.

Food Philosophy & Menus

We feel that food should nourish the body and offer satisfaction, enjoyment and comfort.

Our menus include foods that are familiar to patients, support healing and recovery, and look appealing.


Good News Stories

Medicine Hat Regional Hospital Food Service

Staff are used to serving patients, but today they are the ones being served. A patient’s wife wanted to thank the Nutrition and Food Services team for the kindness they showed her husband while he was in their care. Watch how a surprise tea party was planned for the team in his memory, Because You Cared.

Vermilion Hospital and Care Centre

Read about a patient who received a special delivery of encouragement with his meal and how he responded, Diners Get Star Service.

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