School Nutrition
Healthy Eating Starts Here

Healthy eating at schools supports healthy food environments and provides resources for school teachers, child educators, parents and health professionals working in schools and recreation facilities. Healthy eating environments teach and encourage young Albertans to make healthy food choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

kids eating an appleCreating Healthy Eating Environments in Schools

Curriculum Based Lesson Plans

  • Lesson plans that meet Alberta Education's Health and Life Skills Curriculum Outcomes for Kindergarten to Grade 9.

Teaching and Learning Tools

Nutrition Bites

  • Nutrition topics for parents, teachers and those promoting healthy eating to children.

School Nutrition Education Resources

Manuals and Toolkits

  • Manuals and toolkits for teaching children and youth about healthy eating or for creating a Healthy Environment.

Healthy Eating Resources

  • These resources provide individuals, parents, families, child cares, schools and workplaces more guidance on healthy eating.

Nutrition Guidelines and Resources

Healthy Eating at School