Healthy Relationship with Food

Healthy Eating at School

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What Is a Healthy Relationship With Food?

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It can be different for everyone and often includes:

  • Enjoying the taste, social, traditional, and cultural aspects of food 
  • Being aware of how, why, and where you eat
  • Listening to your body signals for hunger and fullness
  • Welcoming all foods without fear or guilt
  • Looking at food as a source of energy, nourishment, and enjoyment
  • Knowing that eating will change based on appetite, emotions, routines, and many other factors

Promoting a healthy relationship with food helps create an inclusive learning environment that embraces diversity within the school community.

How Can I Promote a Healthy Relationship With Food?

Words Matter! Video Series

Content warning: Diets and dieting, eating disorders and disordered eating, weight and body image are discussed in this presentation.

Did You Know?

The language we use and the way we think about health, food, and nutrition matters. It impacts everyone.

Additional Resources

Mental Health & Weight Bias



Teaching & Talking to Students About Food

Community Supports

When students or families struggle to pay for food or may not have enough food for lunches, the resources below may help:

More Support

If you have questions about these topics, contact an AHS public health dietitian at: