Over half of preschool aged children in Alberta spend time in a child care setting. Child care settings can have a big impact on children’s eating habits - what they eat, when they eat, why they eat, and how they eat.

Healthy eating at child cares supports healthy food environments in child care programs. Public health dietitians in Alberta have met with members of the child care sector over the past several years. We have collected information to help us develop resources and tools to support healthy eating environments for young children. See the summary report here.

The following pages contain resources and tools to help child care programs and families provide and promote healthy food and positive attitudes about food and eating.

Visit our partner site CHEERS for Child Care - Creating Healthy Eating and Active Environments to:

  • Complete an online survey to assess the eating and activity environment in your program.
  • Use your personalized program report to review what is going well and opportunities for change in your program.
  • Find recommendations and resources to promote healthy eating and physical activity in your program.

Healthy Eating at Child Care Centres