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Eye Institute of Alberta, RAH

The Eye Institute of Alberta (EIA), located in the Active Treatment Centre (ATC), at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) provides inpatient, outpatient and surgical services to patients requiring eye care. The Outpatient Eye Clinic is the main center that receives all emergency eye referrals within the Edmonton area, northern Alberta, northern British Columbia, northern Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories.

In addition to providing patient care, the ophthalmology department at the RAH is also a University of Alberta teaching facility with strong commitment to training medical doctors (residents and fellows) to become eye specialists (ophthalmologists).

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The Outpatient Eye Clinic of the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) is located on the main floor of the ATC (Room 1111) with a small extension on Unit 22 (Room 2212). The clinic is opened five days a week and we service an average of 4,000 appointments each month. It is the largest eye clinic in Edmonton with five separate patient care areas. Different subspecialty clinics and emergency eye care are provided here. The separate patient care areas host exam rooms for ophthalmologists to see patients, diagnostic areas for special eye testing and procedure areas for small procedures to be performed.

The inpatient unit is located on the second floor of the ATC (Unit 22). Patients are admitted for eye related diseases, injuries and surgical procedures. This unit also supports Ophthalmology Eye Day Surgery located in the basement of ATC (B160). The nurses care for the inpatients and prepare patients for surgery.

The emergency eye rooms located on Unit 22 are used afterhours and on the weekends by residents and ophthalmologists.

The EIA at the RAH is home to the largest eye surgery centre in northern Alberta. The surgery unit has 10 theatres and recovery areas for patients. The surgical services include cataract surgery, retina surgery, cornea surgery, glaucoma surgery, strabismus surgery and oculoplastics surgery. Besides ophthalmic related surgeries, ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeons, and oral and maxillofacial (OMF) surgeons also use the surgery rooms.

The Ophthalmology Administration Area is located on the second floor of the ATC next to the inpatient unit. It is supported by staff from Alberta Health Services and University of Alberta who are responsible for supporting the clinical and research team in ophthalmology. The entire department at the RAH works collaboratively to care for patients that come in for routine or emergent eye problems. This area is not accessible by the public.