Frequently Asked Questions

Eye Institute of Alberta, RAH

What patients are treated here?

We see emergency eye patients from throughout the Edmonton area, as well as central and northern Alberta (Red Deer north), northeastern British Columbia, northwestern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

We also have specialty clinics that sees scheduled patients in the Eye Clinic.

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What is an ophthalmology resident / fellow?

Ophthalmology residents have obtained their medical degree and are completing five year post-graduate residency training in ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology fellows are ophthalmologists completing one-to-two years of specialized surgical training within ophthalmology.

As a University of Alberta teaching facility, you may also be examined by medical students during your visit.

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How long will my eyes stay dilated?

Dilation can last four to six hours after your appointment. We recommend that you bring a driver or have an alternate mode of transportation to get home.

Dilation of the pupils can cause your near vision to be blurry. You will also be more sensitive to light. Bring sunglasses for your comfort.

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Can I get a note saying I was here?

Yes. If you need a note, let the clerk know when you are finished with your visit.

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Can I get a prescription for glasses?

No, we generally do not prescribe glasses since we are dealing with medical eye conditions. Arrange to see an optometrist if you need a glasses prescription.

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How long should I pay for parking?

We recommend you pay for parking for two hours, and to re-evaluate when you are close to the end time.
Download the AHS Parking App so you can update your parking from the clinic. Royal Alexandra Hospital zone parking code: 6489

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Am I allowed to eat while I’m waiting?

We encourage patients to wait until they are seen by the ophthalmic personnel and check with them after they assessed.

If you have an eye condition that may require surgery, you should refrain from eating and drinking as this will delay your care.

If you can eat during your wait, there is a food court on the basement level. Exit the Eye Clinic and go down the spiral stairs from the main atrium into the basement.

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What if I need eye surgery?

If eye surgery has been decided, your ophthalmologist will provide you with education. His or her office will provide you with information pertaining to the surgery and you will be given a surgery package to better prepare for the procedure. Surgery dates are dependent on the level of urgency and availability.

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What if I need Emergency Eye Surgery?

If emergency eye surgery has been decided, you will be admitted to Unit 22. Patients will be unable to drive, so arrange for a driver or alternative mode of transport to get home. We encourage patients to coordinate time of with work or arrange child care around surgical and recovery times.

The nurses will educate and prepare you for your procedure. Your length of stay may vary considerably depending on the time of day, the type of procedure and if there are any other emergencies at the time.

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