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Our Team

The Innovation and Business Intelligence team works closely with our partners to address specific healthcare needs and concerns of Albertans. We help outside agencies navigate the complexities of AHS, while supporting and empowering internal teams identify problems and solve them using evidence and ensures that AHS remains a high-performing health system that delivers quality patient care to Albertans

Innovation management facilitates the assessment and adoption of high-value innovations that enhance the quality of healthcare, patient and provider experience in Alberta. We collaborate with external partners and AHS leaders and teams to help them navigate the innovation process and make informed decisions. Our team of professionals expertly co-design and implement technologies that enable AHS teams to create, manage and share content for efficient and effective healthcare decision-making.

Our team is comprised of innovation consultants, IT & e-health consultants, benefits realization specialists, innovation analysts, health economists, innovation technology specialists and admin support. To learn more about our team, contact us at

Our Services

Innovation & Business Intelligence Team collaborate with AHS staff and ecosystem partners to facilitate or provide:

  • Assistance with system and process navigation - identifying & prioritizing pressing needs, and innovation management advice.
  • Access and referrals to content experts & other key contacts - health innovator’s guide, reverse tradeshows, and value analysis committees.
  • Evidence review & decision-making support – scoping & evidence review, feasibility & financial assessments, ROI and value for money supports, environmental and market scans, and usability analyses.
  • Access to resources and tools – innovation project initiation, planning, & change management support, and information for funding opportunities
  • Connection to a network of organizations that support health innovation – provide connection within the innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs, industry representatives, legislation & policy makers, and researchers & students.
  • Assist in the evaluation, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property developed at AHS, including coordinating with affiliate institutions, patent lawyers, and potential licensees, providing advice and ensuring compliance with AHS IP policy.
  • Assess existing and future trends in technology - co-design solutions that respond to AHS business needs, enhancing productivity for teams and leaders
  • Translate complex processes and manual workflows - develop streamlined and automated processes, leading to time savings and employee engagement
  • Develop tools to support decision intelligence – design mechanisms to optimize decision-making within the organization