Have an Innovation AHS Should Consider?

Research & Innovation

Present it to AHS for review

The Innovation, Evidence and Impact team helps Alberta Health Services evaluate the latest innovations and make timely decisions about if – and how – to implement them. We collaborate with AHS staff to understand which innovations can most benefit Albertans and our health system; and when to discontinue outdated technologies and practices.

We serve as neutral third-party facilitators and work with frontline experts and decision-makers to advance innovation that is expected to meet the priority needs of AHS.

Proposed innovations are managed case by case, depending on healthcare needs, priorities and other considerations specific to each innovation.

Referrals may be made to appropriate partners if the innovation does not meet the criteria below.

Criteria for Valuable Innovations

We prioritize innovations that meet the following criteria:

  • Offers a solution to a high-priority problem for AHS
  • Promises to have high impact on the healthcare system
  • Are aligned with AHS business goals and plans
  • Is commercially available

How to Get Your Proposal Reviewed

  1. Complete the Health Innovation Submission Form
  2. The form is reviewed and assigned to an innovation consultant. If the innovation does not meet our criteria, we may refer it to one of our partners[LP2] .
  3. Information about the proposed innovation is prepared and shared with stakeholders.
  4. If stakeholders express interest in the innovation, a plan is developed to assess the proposal further.

FAQ: Review Process

I have a commercially available innovative product—what next?
You may propose an innovative product or solution to Alberta Health Services by completing our Health Innovation Submission Form

We work with key internal stakeholders to determine if your innovation meets a priority need for AHS. If the innovation meets a priority need, our Innovation, Evidence and Impact team will work with you and stakeholders to collect evidence to further consider your innovation.

My innovation meets a health system need— now what?
Once we know that there is a need in our health system, we will bring in clinical and business experts to gather evidence and conduct feasibility assessments to see how the innovation would work in the Alberta context. The gathered evidence will then be reviewed by AHS stakeholders to inform whether the innovation is suitable for adoption.

I have an innovative idea or prototype – what can I do? 
AHS works closely with partners in the innovation space who help innovators and inventors develop and advance good ideas. Our partners have the expertise and are equipped to work with entrepreneurs to help support various aspects of innovation development. Information on funding that supports early stage development and research for innovation is available by viewing funding opportunities.