Innovation Management at AHS

At Alberta Health Services (AHS), we innovate to achieve service excellence.

AHS aims to deliver exceptional high quality, sustainable, patient-centered care and service. This requires:

  • Improving the health of the population,
  • Enhancing the patient experience (quality, access, and reliability),
  • Improving the work life of healthcare providers, and;
  • Decreasing costs per capita.

At AHS, health innovation is understood as a new and improved way to:

  • Enhance value and/or quality of care and patient experience,
  • Meet un-met care and service needs,
  • Upgrade outdated and redundant processes and technologies, and;
  • Promote financial sustainability of the health system.

Developing an innovative product or service requires many skills and involves several steps, such as evaluating ideas, developing products and prototypes, generating evidence, financing and commercialization.

AHS has a dedicated team to work with healthcare professionals and groups across Alberta to help develop and implement innovations that improve patient outcomes. We encourage ideas and innovations from healthcare professionals, researchers, innovators and industry. We use processes and experience to assess, implement, and evaluate innovations across Alberta.

AHS encourages evidence-informed innovation development and helps introduce the innovation following established processes. All innovations undergo an assessment, which has a number of goals:

  • to identify potential obstacles to success,
  • to determine health system relevance and need,
  • to ensure there is sufficient evidence that the innovation will be safe and improve the quality of care.

Proposed innovations are managed case by case, depending on project objectives, healthcare needs, priorities and other considerations specific to each innovation.

Innovation Intake Form

The Innovation Team serves as a central point of contact for anyone looking to work with AHS on health innovation.

As part of the initial assessment, innovators are asked to complete an innovation intake form, which will help guide, plan, and identify the right people and resources to develop the innovation. For a copy of the form, or to reach the Innovation Team, contact us at