Clinical Trials

From bedside to the research bench

Patients are more comfortable when they are introduced to the research team by a trusted source like a member of their care team. Having conversations about research opportunities can encourage more patients to participate and contribute to new developments and better treatments.

Clinical research trials are central to continuing to provide Albertans with the highest quality care, where and when they need it. Research studies can help lead to new treatments, cures and improve patient outcomes.

There are more than 4,400 active clinical research studies across Alberta. Last year alone, research ethics boards in Alberta approved more than 1,400 new studies with AHS involvement.

Research partners like universities work closely with AHS teams to seek appropriate patients for a particular study or trial, whether it’s testing the effectiveness or safety of a drug, a device, a procedure or a change in behaviour, such as diet.

Here’s how patients can work with AHS to participate clinical trials and research studies:

Stories from the leading edge

From testing new medications to trying new processes and procedures, thousands of patients can attest to the benefits of having access to research studies.

Here’s a snapshot of the many stories of patients who have participated in research studies and clinical trials:

Let’s talk about research

Let’s talk about research is an initiative that helps AHS staff approach patients about participating in local research opportunities. Care teams are equipped with tools and materials to encourage patients to learn more about the benefits of participating in research studies.

For more information about how to participate in clinical trials and other research studies, please visit

Participating in clinical trials & research studies

Speak with someone on your care team or check out one of the searchable databases:

Cancer clinical trials

Clinical trials are one of the best ways to test new methods to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent cancer. Standard treatments used today would not be available if they had not first gone through the clinical trial process.
Learn more about cancer clinical trials: