Our Services

Health Systems Evaluation & Evidence

HSEE is a full-service operation and can assist with projects of any scope. We can accommodate short- and long-term projects and system-level initiatives. To request a consultation for evaluation support, complete the following form Request for Consultation Health Systems Evaluation and Evidence.

Our team members will work collaboratively with you by:

Partnering on research and evaluation studies

  • Providing evidence that supports the design of new initiatives and innovations.
  • Help in refining the goals and objectives of your initiative (as required) and determining the feasibility and readiness for research or evaluation.
  • Designing sound research/evaluation questions and methodology. Creating feasible plans that match available resources.
  • Determining key performance indicators and targets.
  • Sourcing existing secondary data and determining the need for collecting primary data.

Managing data

  • Executing literature searches, syntheses, and rapid reviews.
  • Collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Managing transcriptions.
  • Cleaning datasets.
  • Constructing and managing databases and dashboards.
  • Creating data dictionaries and coding manuals.

Managing Surveys

  • Facilitating data collection including telephone, webmail, scanned paper-based (i.e., Teleform), or in-person surveys.
  • Designing and pretesting questionnaires.
  • Identifying appropriate and cost effective methods.
  • Short-term loans for iPads. To borrow an iPad, complete the following form iPad Loan Request.

Disseminating results customized to meet your needs and your targeted audiences

  • Report writing, slide decks, posters.
  • Presentations, webinars.
  • Peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications.

Building research and evaluation capacity

  • Mentoring other research and evaluation practitioners.
  • Providing ethics support for projects not requiring a REB review.
  • Precepting student and volunteer work experience and practicums.

HSEE services are available to all AHS portfolios and other healthcare-related operations in Alberta. We also collaborate with partners from across Canada. Some of our work is funded by a business model of shared service and cost recovery at reasonable rates. Other work is grant-funded.