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Health Systems Evaluation and Evidence (HSEE) is a provincial team of experienced professionals in health systems and workforce research and evaluation.

We are dedicated to improving health outcomes and the sustainability of the health system through the systematic generation of evidence.

Through collaboration, we listen, ask questions, and facilitate decision-making.

HSEE works with AHS leaders, clinicians, other researchers, program managers, frontline staff, and external partners at the local, zonal, provincial, and national levels to provide evidence that improves clinical workforce utilization, professional practice and the provision of quality patient care. We provide some services on a cost-recovery basis to ensure the sustainability of this specialized team and maintain capacity to meet demand, while ensuring that project stakeholders pay only for what their project requires.

Our Approach

Our practice is guided by the following principles:

  • We collaborate with you throughout the evaluation to ensure that the process is relevant and timely. We believe collaboration is key to success.
  • We apply nationally recognized research and evaluation competencies and standards to our work to protect the integrity and reliability of results.
  • We help you understand the evaluation process and build capacity for evidence-informed decision-making.
  • We are committed to the highest ethical standard at all stages of the research and evaluation process. Ethical oversight is essential to reduce risk and protect all participants.

Our Team

Our team includes Senior Consultants who provide oversight, leadership, and quality assurance for all projects. Our Consultants, Coordinators, and Project Assistants carry out the work based on their expertise and scope to ensure that evaluation funds are used in a cost-effective manner.

Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise, with advanced degrees in the following areas:

  • Public Health
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Neurobiology
  • Public Administration and Organizational Sciences

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Phone: 780-407-4660

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