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Diabetes in Alberta

Diabetes affects the lives of many Albertans. The prevention, treatment and management of this chronic condition is a priority of the Diabetes, Obesity & Nutrition Strategic Clinical Network (DON SCN).

Alberta graph

Figure 1: DISER estimates of the number of persons living with diabetes in Alberta (bars, K=thousands) and proportion of total provincial population (line; percentage) over the past decade.

To improve the health and wellness of people with diabetes, it is important to monitor and study trends and outcomes in people living with diabetes in Alberta. DISER makes it easier for the health care providers, administrators, policy makers and researchers to monitor population trends and study the impact of diabetes on Albertans.

Interactive DISER Dashboard

Explore the interactive dashboard for a data snapshot of diabetes in Alberta over the past decade, including population trends and age distribution of people living with diabetes:

population graph

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What is DISER?

A successor to the Alberta Diabetes Surveillance System, DISER is a data infrastructure designed to further our understanding of diabetes in Alberta. It provides extensive data on diabetes and enhances research and quality improvement projects.

Key Partners

DISER was created with the support from Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Innovates, the Alliance for Canadian Health Outcomes Research in Diabetes (ACHORD, University of Alberta), and Novo Nordisk.


Learn which data are included in DISER, including specific datasets and case definitions.


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