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Endovascular Therapy (EVT)

EVT is a highly effective treatment for stroke that dramatically reduces death, disability and long-term care costs. This project aims to increase timely, equitable and safe access to EVT for all Albertans.

In 2020, the CvHS SCN reviewed the Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations and available evidence with the goal of standardizing thresholds for EVT treatment and expanding the treatment time-window that people are eligible for EVT. This initiative, requested by the Provincial EVT Steering Committee, supports equitable access for urban and rural Albertans.



Endovascular Reperfusion Alberta (ERA)

The CvHS SCN is working with stakeholders from across Alberta to develop a provincial strategy that adapts the stroke system of care to increase access to endovascular therapy (EVT) for patients with acute ischemic stroke.


Optimizing Stroke Protocols

The Acute Stroke/TIA Expert Working Group and subgroups are developing provincial stroke protocols, algorithms, order sets and decision support tools that optimize standardization, clinical appropriateness and quality. This work supports patient care and clinicians at primary stroke centres, hospitals and urgent care centres and aligns with cognitive screening tools and order sets that will be part of Connect Care.

Data Integration

The CvHS SCN is supporting other initiatives that will improve data sharing, integration and reporting. For example, migration of the QuICR database into Connect Care will facilitate use of QuICR data for quality improvement, stroke research, and data reporting.


Using the AlphaStroke™ device, the Surface EEG Evaluation of Pre-hospital Stroke (SEGUE-PS) project aims to improve the speed and accuracy of detecting acute ischemic stroke by Emergency Medical Services, thereby optimizing triage decisions, increasing access to endovascular therapy, and improving health and system outcomes.