Project Updates - Vascular Risk

Cardiovascular Health & Stroke Strategic Clinical NetworkTM

VRR 1.0 | Health Evidence Review | Enhanced Lipid Reporting


VRR 1.0

VRR 1.0 included 6 signature projects which were implemented in phases across Alberta. VRR 1.0 projects included ASaP, RxEACH, worksite, knowledge translation, ACTION Network, integrated approaches, and enhanced lipid reporting.

For more on VRR 1.0, see the Overview and Presentation.

Health Evidence Review

This review assessed the clinical and cost-benefit of VRR initiatives in Alberta, the rest of Canada, and other relevant jurisdictions, and how this evidence could inform prioritization of key initiatives for VRR 2.0.

Health Evidence Review – Optimizing Vascular Risk Reduction Initiatives in Alberta: A Clinical Review and Economic Analysis

Enhanced Lipid Reporting

This project aims to prevent severe cardiovascular events in Alberta through the screening, identification, and treatment of CVD at-risk patients in primary care. The provincial roll-out of a lab-based CVD screening tool has been funded by a Health Innovation and Implementation Spread (HIIS) grant from the Alberta Government. The project is a collaborative effort between the CvHS SCN, Alberta Precision Labs, and Dynalife.