Scientific Office

Primary Health Care Integration Network


Vision, Mission & Key Functions

Vision: To provide the best evidence for primary health care system transformation in Alberta.

Mission: To help transform Alberta's primary health care system by supporting evidence-based practice that improves health outcomes for all Albertans.

Key Functions:

  • connect people in primary health care
  • share evidence to support primary health care practice and system transformation
  • build capacity for primary health care research provincially, nationally and internationally


We engage, collaborate with and provide extensive support to a wide range of partners to strengthen primary health care research in Alberta.


Student and Trainee Opportunities

We support students, committee members, and supervisors by offering student internships, fellowships, practicums. Learn how these opportunities help build research capacity enabling students and trainees to gain experience in primary health care and apply their skills to support priority initiatives.


Knowledge Translation

We engage in various activities to promote and share the latest evidence and research findings with Alberta’s primary health care community. Publication and conference activity from Jan 2020-current is available here.