Maternal Fetal Newborn Project Updates

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Care of the Well Newborn

Work is underway provincially to create, review, and update guidance for management of the well newborn in postpartum units across Alberta. The MNCY SCN is supporting this work with medical and provincial input.


First Trimester Screening (FTS) in Pregnancy

FTS is a process to determine certain types of fetal abnormalities early in pregnancy. The MNCY SCN is supporting a group of clinical knowledge experts in this field to review current practice in Alberta and work together to develop strategies to improve access for women to first trimester screening across the province.

Jaundice in the Newborn – Hyperbilirubinemia

The MNCY SCN supported the development of the Jaundice in the Newborn (hyperbilirubinemia) clinical practice guideline for screening, assessment and treatment of well newborns >35 weeks of age at birth. Work is underway to expand these clinical practice guidelines for newborns having a gestational age <35 weeks at birth.


moreOB (Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently) Teams & Education Platform

An obstetrical education platform and professional support for the labour & delivery moreOB site-specific quality improvement teams across the province.


Pregnancy Pathways and Patient Resources

Evidenced based provincial pathways have been developed as a resource for clinicians and nurses. These pathways aid in the early identification and effective management of risk factors to support optimal mother and baby outcomes. Pathways include preconception, antenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum and newborn care.