Citizen Advisory Team

South Health Campus

The Citizen Advisory Team at South Health Campus (SHC) is made up of patients, family members and citizens.

These volunteers meet regularly to discuss issues important to SHC patients, families and the community. They share their ideas and feedback with SHC staff on how the campus is designed and operated. This allows us to better address the needs of the people the campus will serve.

Our Accomplishments

The Citizen Advisory Team members have:

  • partnered with planners and leaders since 2008 to ensure public input into the new hospital development
  • reviewed and provided recommendations on schematic and detail hospital designs
  • provided input into navigating SHC, visiting policies and practices
  • reviewed waiting room experiences and designs
  • participated in hospital room mock-up simulation exercises
  • established four patient and family centred care commitments for the campus
  • shared stories of patient and family experiences with the health system

If you are interested in being a part of the South Health Campus through the Citizen Advisory Team, download the brochure and form for more information.