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At the Stollery Children’s Hospital we recognize that families and patients have unique experiences and that experience can offer valuable information in how the hospital runs. Families are actively engaged in the operation of the Stollery.

Patient & Family Centred Care Network

Open to any family member, patient, staff, physician or member of the health care community who is interested in Patient and Family Centred Care at the Stollery.

You will receive a monthly e-newsletter, the Primer, that will keep you informed of patient and family centred care initiatives at the Stollery and ways you can get involved.

Become Involved

Patient & Family Centred Care Council

Partners in planning, implementation and evaluation of existing and future care and services. They provide leadership, collaboration and the family voice to the operation of the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

  • Peer Support - families are engaged in peer support at the bedside and in parent groups
  • Family Talks - families share their stories to inspire, motivate and educate health professionals
  • Capital Projects - families share their unique understanding and perspective on requirements for new hospital spaces and designs
  • Policy & Procedure Review- families are involved in the review of new policies and procedures to ensure they are family centred
  • Interview Panels - families are engaged on interview panels to help select new faculty and medical staff that will fit into our patient and family centred culture
  • Quality Councils and Committees - families sit at the table with management and frontline staff to engage in process improvement

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Advisory Care Team (NICU FACT)

Supports the NICU Care Team in promoting:

  • the values, perspective, and practices of patient and family centred care
  • quality communication
  • facilitated learning among all of the members of the Care Team

NICU FACT has a member representative on the Stollery Patient and Family Centred Care Council to facilitate a strong linkage between the two groups.

Become Involved

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