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Medical Genetics Clinic

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For Your Appointment

Remember to bring your child’s Alberta Healthcare card and a piece of photo ID.

If this appointment is for your child, contact our clinic and see if one or both parents are required to attend.


Finding Us

We are located on the 8th floor of the Medical Sciences Building, Room 8-53.

From the 112 Street main entrance of the University of Alberta Hospital, turn right and go to the end of the long hall, passing both the Bernard Snell Hall and A. Owen Stroke Prevention Clinic.

At the end of the long hall, turn left and go through the double doors (a sign on door says Medical Genetics). Take the elevators found on your immediate left to the 8th floor. The Genetics Clinic is to the right.

What to Expect

Typical appointments last one to two hours, so please come prepared. During this time you may see several different professionals including: a medical geneticist, genetic counsellor, nurse, dietitian and/or medical residents/students.

During the appointment we will review your family and medical information.

A physician exam may be required in some circumstances as certain physical characteristics can suggest the diagnosis of a genetic condition. If required, a medical geneticist will perform an examination similar to ones performed by your family physician. Additionally, measurements such as the distance around the head, distance between the eyes, and the length of the arms and legs may be needed.

Genetic testing, if indicated, is often performed through a standard blood test. Examples of other studies that may be recommended include imaging studies such as a CT scan, MRI, or X-rays. Referral to other specialists (ex. ophthalmology, neurology) may also be arranged (likely on a different day than that of your medical genetics appointment).