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Physical Therapy Program

Contact & General Service Information

For Your Appointment

Remember to bring your child’s Alberta Healthcare card and a piece of photo ID.

You may be required to bring certain items or special clothing, such as shorts and running shoes to your appointment. Contact us and ask for a physical therapist to give you guidance on what to bring with you.


Finding Us

The Pediatric Physical Therapy Service is located in the 1F1 Central Rehabilitation department located on the main floor of the University of Alberta Hospital.

From the 112 Street main entrance walk straight; you will pass the MacMullen Gallery on your left and go through a set of glass doors. Central Rehabilitation is located to your immediate right across from the Friends’ Volunteer Office.

What to Expect

Arrive approximately 10 minutes before your appointment and register at the 1F1 Central Rehabilitation reception desk. If you bring your child’s siblings, also bring along a helper to mind the other children during the appointment.

When you see the physical therapist, they will review your child’s medical history and talk about the reason for your visit. Depending on your child’s needs, the physical therapist will perform a standardized examination and evaluation of their mobility and developmental and/or functional skills. After the therapist examines your child, you and the therapist will talk about the best treatment choices.

Treatment choices may include controlling or eliminating pain, exercises to strengthen muscles and improve movement, providing walking aids and instruction in walking with crutches or walkers, or working on skills to increase overall mobility and function in everyday activities such as sports. Patient specific treatment plans will be tailored to your child’s needs.