Our Services

Child Life staff provides many opportunities to engage children in normal day-to-day activities through play, music, education and self-expression activities that support their development and enhance their ability to cope with the hospital experience.

The Beach
Group play programs are provided for all ages on The Beach, located off the 4C pedway. Play is powerful and the most important learning and communication tool for children. Check the door for updated hours and days of programs.

Teen Room
The Teen Room is a place to get away to play video games, log on to the Internet to e-mail or chat with friends, or just spend time reading, drawing, and hanging out. This space helps teens connect with friends and other patients going through similar situations. The Teen Room is located at 4E1.02 and is open Monday to Friday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Family Programs & Special Events
Healing can be a challenging process and everyone needs a break; we work very closely with our community to bring fun and educational special events for children and their families. Check the events calendar outside of the Child Life office, WMC 4B1.08, and watch for posters on the units for upcoming events.

Music Therapy
Music therapy sessions can be done individually at the child’s bedside or in small groups in children’s rooms or in a common area in the unit. There is also a weekly group session on The Beach, the largest playroom at the Stollery. Speak with your child life specialist for more information.

Pet Therapy
The goal of the program is to improve the emotional and physical well-being of pediatric patients. The dogs often tag along with kids to X-ray or testing procedures, and allow the child to brush or pet them, or can simply sit beside the child’s bed. Please speak with your child life specialist for more information.

Certified through the non-profit Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta, the dogs undergo special practicum training prior to working at the hospital.

Pets and young patients connect during pet therapy.