Coming to the Stollery

Patient Safety

Wheelchair Availability
Wheelchairs are available in the Emergency, main entrance and on each level of the parkade for your use while at the Stollery.

Staff Identification
Stollery staff and physicians will say their name, occupation and what they will be doing upon entering a room and working with patients. Staff will also be wearing their Alberta Health Services Photo ID. If a staff member does not identify themselves, please feel free to ask them who they are.

Patient Identification
Expect that all health care providers will ask for your child's name, date of birth and check their ID band often. This will happen before being given medications, blood or Intravenous fluids, drawing blood, performing procedures or transporting you for care from one area of the hospital to another.

As part of Stollery Children’s Hospital’s commitment to health and wellness, we offer a smoke-free environment. Those who wish to smoke can do so off of hospital property. The property includes parking areas, vehicles parked in parking lots, and sidewalks on the site.

Infection Prevention
Help stop the spread of germs and bacteria that may make you and others unwell. The primary way to cut down on the spread of germs is to clean your hands. You can either wash with soap and water, or apply an alcohol-based hand rub (Microsan), provided at locations throughout the facility. If you have a fever, cough, running nose, flu-like symptoms or a communicable disease, you should not visit a patient in the hospital.

Scented Products
Check with patient information before bringing fresh flower to the Stollery as some units, such as the pediatric intensive care unit and oncology unit, do not allow fresh flowers. As well, scented products, such as perfumes and lotions, should not be worn.