Owerko Family Walk-in Services

The Summit

Service Description

Offers a no-cost service in the form of a single session therapy for children, families and youth aged 0-18.

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For Your Walk-In Session

Things to bring:

  • Alberta Health Care Card
  • Identification (for older youth and parents/guardians of children)
  • A list of other therapists you are seeing (if any and if you have this available)  
  • Any relevant custody orders

Children/youth are welcome to bring anyone they identify as supportive to their session.

A parent or legal guardian must be with anyone under the age of 14.

Children and Youth who are brought to the Summit for Walk In Services by an adult should have that adult remain with them at the Summit.  Walk In Services at the Summit does not have childcare available for unaccompanied Children and Youth.

If you are between the ages of 14 and 17 you may request services without your parents. The counsellor will assess if you meet mature minor criteria, which means you are able to give informed consent for services. Not all youth qualify for mature minor status. If you do not, you must have your parent/guardian give consent for treatment. We encourage you to come in and we can work with you to figure this out.

Getting Here

Finding Us

We are located on the first floor. Check-in is at the main desk.

What is a Session Like?

We offer single session therapy. The goal is that you leave with a clear plan of support and strategies to address the concern that brought you in.

Step 1: Complete Introductory Questionnaire

Walk-In starts with filling in some forms in the waiting room.  This will:

  • Provide background information about you for your counsellor
  • Help identify your concerns and goals for the session  

Step 2: Meet with a Counsellor

You will meet with a counsellor for 30-40 minutes. You and the counsellor will talk about your concerns, things you have tried in the past and how you will know if you are successful in addressing your concerns.

Step 3: Leave with a Clear Plan

After your conversation, the counsellor will leave the room for about 10 minutes to talk with another clinical team member and create a plan to help you to address the concerns that brought you to the walk-in. Then, the counsellor will spend about 10 minutes reviewing and revising the plan with you to make sure that it meets your needs.  

How Long is the Wait?

Our wait times can change with little warning over the course of the day. If you are concerned about potential wait times or want to make sure we are not full for the current day, you can call us.

How Often Can I Come to the Walk-In?

There is no limit to the number of times that you can access the Walk-In. Since this is a walk-in program, you will most likely see a different counsellor each time you come in.