Ptarmigan Day Hospital

The Summit

Service Description

Enables a gradual shift from around-the-clock care to eight to ten hours of daily intensive therapy. 

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For Your Appointment

Things to bring:

  • Alberta Health Care Card
  • Identification (for older youth and parents/guardians of children)
  • A list of other therapists you are seeing (if any and if you have this available)  
  • Any relevant custody orders

Family members are involved in some sessions. Your therapy team will let you know which sessions family members should attend.

Getting Here

Finding Us

We are located on the third floor. You can get to us by entering through the main or parking doors of the building and then taking the stairs or elevator up to the third floor. There is also a door that takes you directly into the day hospital located at the back of the building. If you prefer to use that, take the outdoor stairs at the northeast corner of the building, walk up to the top of the hill and turn left.

What to Expect

The program consists of a daily structured milieu including school and therapeutic activities, with breaks when clients can engage in a variety of activities. Therapies are both conversational and activity-based, with a variety of therapeutic activities such as art, music, and recreation.  A Calgary Board of Education teacher will work with clients daily to support their learning while in the Program.