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The Summit

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When you visit the Summit, we want you to feel welcome.

A member of our team will greet you at the front desk and help you to find your way.


Wheelchair Accessible
A number of washrooms, the elevator, doorways and designated parking spaces are wheelchair accessible.

Qualified service animals are welcome.

For safety and to ensure that everyone has a comfortable visit, we are unable to have pets inside the building.

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Client Lockers
Lockers are available on the second and third floors for children/youth receiving services in our Day Hospital and Tallman Family Treatment programs.

Kitchen & Barista Station
The kitchen and barista station on the second floor are used for teaching cooking and coffee making skills. You are welcome to sit in this space if a group is not using it.

Books are available in little libraries located on each floor of the building. We provide materials to sign out through a partnership with the Family & Community Resource Centre at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Ask a staff member or volunteer if you need help accessing information resources about mental health.

A beautiful public park called the Brawn Family Foundation Rotary Park is located behind the building and was specially designed so that young people can benefit from this space as part of the Centre’s therapeutic services.

Play Area
A play area for children is available in the waiting space on the main level outside of the walk-in.

Resource Hub
The resource hub is a space where clients, families and visitors can connect with information and resources to help them on their journey. Learn more.

Vending Machines
Vending machines are available on the main level under the staircase. They offer a selection of beverages and snacks.

Waiting Spaces
The waiting spaces in the Summit have been designed to be inviting and comfortable. You are welcome to wait in any public space. The main areas are located on the first floor and at the top of the stairs on the second floor. If you would like an activity or something to do while you wait, please ask at the front desk.

Washrooms are located throughout the building. Ask a staff member for directions.

Water Bottle Filling Stations
Water bottle filling stations are available in several locations.

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Quiet Spaces

Reflection Space
The Reflection Space is located on the main level of the building. Anyone is welcome to use this space for rest, meditation or prayer. The front desk can help you if you would like to access the space.

Foo Family Healing Garden
This Healing Garden on the second floor is used for horticulture therapy. You are welcome to sit and enjoy this space if there is not a group actively working in the garden.

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Children and youth have the same rights to privacy and confidentiality as adults. Learn more.

Client Transport
Client transport to hospital is available if a child/youth requires urgent medical care while at the Summit.

Protective Services
Protective Services Officers are responsible for the safety of everyone in our building. They are an important part of the care team. You can request that a protective services officer walk you to your car by visiting the front desk.

Safety Features
The building has been designed to minimize safety concerns for children/youth, families and staff. You can speak with any staff member if you have any specific safety questions or concerns.

We are a smoke-free environment. Those who wish to smoke can do so off Alberta Health Services property. The property includes parking areas, vehicles parked in parking lots, outdoor spaces and sidewalks on the site.

Staff Identification
Staff members will say their name, occupation and what they will be doing when approaching and working with children/youth and their families. Staff will also be wearing their Alberta Health Services Photo ID. If a staff member does not identify themselves, feel free to ask them who they are.

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Staying Connected

Charging Stations
Charging stations for phones are available in the waiting spaces on each level of the building. 

iPad Lending
Some iPads are available for use while waiting for services. Visit the front desk if you would like to request one.

Language Interpretation
Interpreters who speak many different languages are available through video call or telephone. Your care team can make the necessary arrangements.

Cell phones can be used in general public areas. Children/youth receiving services in our programs may be asked to lock up phones during the times they are with us.

Wireless Internet
Wireless internet access is available throughout the building.

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Your Voice

Advance Care Planning: Preparing for Your Future Healthcare
Will your family and health care team know your wishes, in case your ability to speak for yourself becomes affected? Learn more

Patient Feedback
Alberta Health Services values your input; we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us further improve the quality of Alberta’s health care system. Learn more

Patient-First Strategy
Albertans have told us they want health care that engages patients and families as full partners in their own care. Learn more

Thanks For Caring
If you missed the opportunity to thank someone for the care you received, now’s your chance. Learn more

Working Together: CoACT
Helping patients, families and care providers communicate and work together. Learn more

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