Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Health Canada NOTICE: Fraudulent N95s

AHS does not have any fraudulent N95s in its supply; however, this notice underscores the risk of attempts to secure personal supplies for own use. Please do not bring your own PPE to work, and be advised of significant risks of relying on potentially fraudulent PPE in any setting. Read the Health Canada advisory.

Protecting Our People & Patients

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is critical to the health and safety of all healthcare workers, as well as the patients we care for.

The proper and appropriate use of all PPE is essential to ensuring that we have the supply of PPE that we need, for all providers who need it.

Information and supports on this page will help care providers in using PPE appropriately, and confidently.

Vanch (Procedure/Surgical) Mask Concerns

AHS is responding to concerns about new procedure masks supplied to our frontline. We hear you, and we are acting. Please find more information on the issue, and our response.

AHS is working with the supplier of these masks to ensure that nose piece and fit concerns will be addressed in future shipments; however, in the meantime, here is a tip on fitting the mask over your nose, straight from the frontlines:

AHS Guidelines for Continuous Masking & Use of Eye Protection

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, AHS has a continuous masking directive in place, as well as a requirement for staff who provide patient care that occurs within two metres (2 m) to wear eye protection.

Continuous Masking

Continuous masking is a requirement in accordance with the Directive: Use of Masks During COVID-19. This continuous masking strategy is in addition to use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as part of droplet and contact precautions. These guidelines will help you in your appropriate use of continuous masking.

Continuous Eye Protection

Healthcare workers who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear eye protection continuously if they are involved in patient care that occurs within two metres (2 m) as well as indirect patient care such as meal delivery and housekeeping. This additional layer of protection should be applied as part of their standard PPE when engaging in patient interactions. Find more information in the PPE FAQ.

Healthcare workers who are fully vaccinated and have reached two weeks following their second dose can now choose not to wear eye protection continuously. Please note that continuous eye protection will continue to be maintained for all workers in COVID-19 units and in settings experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, patients on contact and droplet precautions or when within two meters of a patient with COVID-19, suspected COVID-19 or who is experiencing symptoms consistent with a respiratory tract infection.

Those who are fully vaccinated will not be furloughed following contact with COVID-19 if not wearing eye protection, as long as they remain asymptomatic. As always, healthcare workers may choose to use eye protection as directed by their point of care risk assessment or their assessment of all potential risks and hazards.

Logistics and Contracting, Procurement & Supply Management (CPSM) are working to ensure all facilities/sites have the required supplies for full implementation of both of these strategies. We each have a role to play in protecting each other – our patients, staff, physicians and volunteers. We must all be diligent in modelling safe work practices.


IPC measures are based on currently available scientific evidence and guidelines and are subject to review and change as new information becomes available.

Offers of Help

We are extremely grateful that many individuals and companies are interested in donating PPE to AHS. To help us evaluate all offers received, we have created

This email is monitored by AHS staff who respond to each request.

In order to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to patients, staff and donors, we respectfully ask that medical supply donations are not brought to AHS facilities. They cannot be accepted at sites. See more information on Offers of Support.

Aerosol-Generating Medical Procedure Guidance Tool

This list of Aerosol-Generating Medical Procedures (AGMPs) is based on current evidence. This list is subject to an ongoing review process, and will be updated accordingly. Please continue to revisit this list, as guidance may evolve.

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PPE Tip of The Day

The daily series - PPE Tip of the Day – features quick and simple reminders you can take forward into your practice, from shift to shift. If you have any questions about the tips, or suggestions for new tips, please email


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