Recovery & Rehabilitation After COVID-19: Resources for Health Professionals


Last Updated: November 18, 2021

Patients who are considered recovered from a COVID-19 infection can continue to exhibit long lasting symptoms for weeks or months, such as breathing difficulties or feeling short-of-breath, loss of smell and taste, cognitive changes, and fatigue. These long lasting symptoms have been referred to as “post COVID” or “long COVID” and can impact physical and mental wellbeing, and increase use of health care resources.

Patients experiencing ongoing symptoms can apply self-management strategies using the resources and supports found on or Getting Healthy after COVID-19. For individuals requiring additional rehabilitation, these self-management tools can be incorporated into a more targeted and/or personalized rehabilitation plan.

The resources below provide additional information to support your practice.

Long COVID Resources Video Series

  • Rehabilitation Advice Line – Support for Long COVID: Building awareness around the existence and purpose of the Rehabilitation Advice Line (RAL) and how it can support patients and providers who are dealing with long COVID.
  • Long COVID Resources for Providers: Building awareness around the online resources available to support providers who are caring for patients suffering from long COVID. It is designed to assist with self-management as well as triaging to determine if further referrals and specialized supports are needed.
  • Post COVID-19 Functional Status Scale (PCFS) & Symptom Checklist: Describes the purpose, content, location, and tips for using the PCFS & Symptom Checklist to triage for level of rehabilitation needs and specific areas that require support.
  • Full Playlist: View all videos in the Long COVID Resources Video Series.

Patient Resources

Health Professional Education

Alberta Health Services Recovery Resources

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