Parent Wellbeing

Well on Your Way

You're Not Alone

Your child’s transition to adulthood may be stressful, full of uncertainty, and challenging, but remember you are not alone. Thousands of teens and parents go through this experience each year.

Here are some important things to think about:

  • It is important to look after your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Your child still needs you to give direction and encourage them
  • Your family doctor, nurse practitioner, or employee assistance program may be able to connect you with support if you need it
  • If you find yourself under too much stress, visit MyHealth Alberta to learn about  Stress Management
  • If you need help managing anxiety, check out the resources on Anxiety Canada

Building a Support Network

Everyone needs extra help and support sometimes. For many parents or caregivers, their child’s transition to adult healthcare is one of those times. To get the support you and your child need, reach out to:

  • Your child’s healthcare team, clinic social worker, or psychologist
  • Siblings, extended family, and family friends
  • Others who have gone through this transition
    • Email if you would like us to connect you to another parent with transition experience
  • Social service workers, school counsellors, or spiritual care providers
  • Service providers and advocacy agencies who offer support to those with special needs who are transitioning to adulthood
  • Better Choices, Better Health, an AHS online or in-person course for people with a chronic health condition and their caregivers