Important Conversations

Well on Your Way

Social Skills

Helping teenagers develop social skills is a part of parenting. To learn more about resources in your community, check out the recommended resources below.

Money Management

Helping teenagers learn to budget and manage their money is a part of parenting. Check out our Managing Your Money page for ideas about how to help your child learn this important skill.

Sexual Health

It can be challenging for parents and children to talk about sexual health. Add in a health condition or disability and parents often do not know where to start. There are many resources to help you talk with your child about sexual health. Websites like Teaching Sexual Health and Talking about Sexuality in Canadian Communities (TASCC) are good resources for parents.

To learn how to protect your child against sexual abuse, check out these online resources:

If your child has a health condition or disability, it is also important to talk to their healthcare team to find out how their condition will affect their sexual and reproductive health, including puberty, options for birth control, their ability to have a baby, and if genetic testing is needed to help them with family planning.

Alcohol & Drugs

Ask your healthcare team how alcohol, marijuana, and street drugs could affect your child’s health condition. Then learn how to talk to your child about these things at Drug Free Kids Canada. You are your child’s first line of defense when it comes to drinking, using marijuana, or using street drugs. Talking to them can make a difference.

Mental Health

Did you know:

  • 10 – 20 % of teens and young adults in Canada are affected by a mental illness or disorder
  • 5% of males and 12% of females ages 12-19 have had a major depressive episode
  • 80% go back to their regular activities once the depression is recognized and they receive help
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15–24 year-olds

These statistics demonstrate the importance of talking to your child about mental health and recognizing signs of mental illness. Mental Health Literacy is a good resource for parents.