Getting Your Child to the Protective Safe House
With Police Assistance

Protection of Children Using Drugs (PChAD) Program

When a child is sent to a Protective Safe House (PSH), their parents/guardians are responsible for arranging transportation to get them there. If parents/guardians have any concerns about their ability to safely transport their child to a PSH, the court can authorize police in the PChAD Protection Order to apprehend (pick up) and convey (transport) the child to the PSH, or for police to help you convey the child to the PSH.

If you are transporting the child to the PSH, the address will be provided to you by phone when it has been confirmed that a bed is available. View Reserving a Bed.

Will my child be arrested?

No. Children are not placed under arrest when they are taken to the PSH. However, restraints (such as handcuffs) are sometimes used when the police officer feels that the child is at risk of harming themselves or others.

If I don’t know where my child is, can the police help find them?

Yes. Once the PChAD Protection Order is enacted, police can search the child’s home, public areas, and any other private dwelling listed in the protection order to try to locate and apprehend the child. Police may ask you to help by providing information about the child’s routines and schedule.

If you don’t know where your child is, be aware that the police will be limited in their search but will work with you to try to find your child.

How long does transportation with police to a PSH take? Will my child be placed in a holding cell?

Police sometimes need to coordinate transportation of a child to a PSH. This can take time to arrange, and the procedure is different depending on where the child lives. If this happens, it is essential that a bed in a PSH is on hold before the child is transported there. This will ensure the smoothest transition possible, with the least possible amount of time between the police unit and the PSH.

Where do I take the PChAD Protection Order?

If the police are involved with the apprehension and conveyance of the child, then the PChAD Protection Order needs to be dropped off in person at your nearest police detachment. View Reserving a Bed.

To find the police detachment nearest you, visit Policing and police oversight, Government of Alberta.

You can also contact the police by phone on their non-emergency line.

If the police take my child to the PSH, do I need to meet them there?

No. If a child is being transported by the police, then their parents/guardians will be notified by phone when the child arrives at the PSH. A copy of their PChAD Protection Order must go with your child to the PSH and will be given to staff, by the police officer, when the child is admitted. For more information, view The Protective Safe House.