Applied Research & Patient Experience

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Virtual appointment between physician and patient

Virtual appointment between physician and patient

Seeing Care Through the Patient’s Eyes

How do we know how patients feel about their cancer diagnosis and treatment? And how can we learn about the symptoms and concerns they experience, so care can be tailored to their needs, and they can be better supported? We ask them.

Within the Applied Research & Patient Experience team, researchers are working together with staff, patients and their caregivers on a shared mission: to better measure and record symptoms, experiences, and outcomes from the perspective of those at the centre of it all – the patients themselves.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) aren’t just nice to have, they’re a crucial component of an individual’s care. By integrating PROs into the electronic medical recordkeeping system, a patient’s voice can be formally recognized and acted upon. The result is better communication with providers, tailored support throughout treatment and beyond, and more control in the hands of patients.

Examples of our work:

  • Collaborating with patient advisors to accurately reflect a patient’s own experience
  • Creating tools to report patient outcomes and help patients use their voice to advocate for their needs, and inform clinical symptom management
  • Collecting patient experience data to ensure a holistic approach to care
  • Supporting the rapid expansion of virtual care; laying the groundwork for future virtual care practices for all patients, as appropriate

My Care Conversations App

Research shows that patients may forget up to 80% of health information discussed at clinic visits; appointments for a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can be especially overwhelming. To reduce patient stress and make it easier to fully record and review appointments, the Patient Experience team worked with patients and physicians to develop the My Care Conversations smartphone app. Available free of charge to all Albertans, the app has been recognized by the Canadian Health Standards Organization as a leading healthcare practice in this country. The app is available for free in your smartphone’s app store; search for My Care Conversations.